What is Revel?


Revel: The Audacity of Ecstasy is a study in personal discipline toward building sustainable relationships.

In Revel, you will unveil your unique and essential erotic values system as the set of elemental living principles that move you and nurture you in a naturally fulfilling way.

Revel is a study of 16 relationship principles delivered in a series of classes that give you the tools to begin reveling in life, creating and recreating relationships, intentionally, with clarity and honor.

First, you will discover your core erotic values and design your life from those values.  Erotic values are the innate, but seldom recognized original qualities already guiding how you live life. Recognized and honored these vital and uniquely personal values are what give you the feeling of being valuable and whole. Dismissed and confused, they are likely to be a source of frustration and disconnection.

Next, you will realize your unique relationship with dominant and submissive power dispositions.  In this discovery you will be able to practice new ways of relating to yourself and connecting authentically with others, unveiling previously invisible opportunities to contribute powerfully in your relationships.

Your Revel study will allow you to see and correct misalignments in your personal environment that may be preventing the authentic connection you want and need in your most vital relationships.

What a few brave souls say.

The work of Revel is powerful stuff, shifting long-held beliefs that eat away at a person for years. A few brave souls from a weekend workshop opened up about what the experience meant to them.


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