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To live and to love honestly.
Living from the values that honor
who you are and what you are here for.


To your own voice.
Let the natural forces of your existence begin to direct you in the ways that affirm your value and your natural ability to live from your own principles.


Your own knowing.
Let your natural genius be the most trusted voice you hear. Let your deepest desires be the voice of your own truest love.

the power of arousal

the power of intimacy

the power of surrender

Meet Tanya.

Tanya is the mother of 5 grown children, an interior designer, a writer, a teacher and relationship mentor, and spent over 10 years actively engaged in the field of transformational education. She always found fulfillment in supporting and training people toward building strong, authentic relationships and holistically sustainable environments.

In 2013, Tanya devoted herself to the creation and delivery of a curriculum in the study of erotic discipline: Revel: The Audacity of Ecstasy. Revel is a daringly vulnerable investigation into how we relate to ourselves, influence our relationships, and express our unique influence in our community and world.

After her childhood years in Germany, she recognized early in life that the source of all true creative inspiration is a deep erotic intelligence. In her experience of our western culture, she found that a woman’s original erotic intelligence is maligned and misused leaving many feeling impotent and afraid to express themselves authentically.

In Tanya’s classes and workshops, she helps people unwind long practiced unconscious associations of their natural expressions of arousal, intimacy and power. This helps to gently restore a truer connection displacing long held misguidance about our own true power.

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