Are you living with a broken heart and wondering when the hurt will stop?

Does any of this sound familiar?

I’m so tired of wondering what I could have done differently.

Why can’t I just get over it?

I can’t be bothered with the headache of dating again, it’s just not worth it.

The solution is already in your hands… How can you end the hurt?

I have the tool to help you unlock it:

The Heartbreak Cure

How long does it take to restore your peace of mind?

One hour.

How Does it Work?

Here is what you can’t see, and what your well-meaning friends don’t know: the pain you feel is not about the person or relationship you have “lost.”  The real loss is your connection to YOURSELF.  You’ve lost touch with your unique, innate value and worth.

The real, lasting cure for the suffering is to get back to YOU, the person you are at your core. This may not be easy—but it can be quick.

Like, less than an hour kind of quick.


The Heartbreak Cure is a one-hour conversation with Tanya Brakeman, founder of Revel: The Audacity of Ecstasy. This conversation is based on the powerful principles of the Revel Foundation Course.

Start the Healing Now!

Step 1

Register here with your name, email address, and payment.

Step 2

Once your registration is confirmed, we’ll email you a one-page Heartbreak Cure Worksheet to complete before your call. This diagnostic worksheet starts the process of unveiling your unique intimacy “code”.

Step 3

Using your completed worksheet as the key we will unlock your suffering and identify associations that are the actual source of your hurt. We will ease your heartache in just one hour-long phone session.

It’s that simple.

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What a few brave souls say about their experience:

This work gave me access to discovering exactly what I was here for.  Understanding that my angers, my frustrations and my fury over situations is not a negative thing—I don’t need to interpret it that way. What they are is access to understanding what matters to me, what my values are, why I was angry and frustrated. Now, I can let those values drive any actions that I take.  There is this new fury—this energy—to commit to my values, and new possibilities that are available to me because of aligning to my values.


Before what it meant to me to have a relationship fail was that I was a failure.  Now, what it means is I invest my time, energy and values into a relationship and it flourishes for the time that it does.


The impact of the directness of the work and approach to using language and the honoring of our sacred nature, our life force, the combination of the science and the spirit, really spoke to me. I knew I was going to be in a place that made sense to me, that was like, this balance.


I really for once in so so many years, and maybe if ever, I have felt and have the experience of me, of who I am and what I’m here for, my purpose, what I get to use myself for in this world.  This is that open door for me to step though.


Who am I to make this claim?

I am Tanya Brakeman. My lifelong passion is to improve the quality of human interaction and relationships. After years of study and practice, I’ve developed a method for people to be able to connect authentically and contribute powerfully in their lives. Drawing from my experience as a mother of five children, more than ten years of personal development and leadership training, combined with education and participation in Seattle’s alternative relationship culture, my experience, and knowledge about helping people identify and attain their relationship wants and needs is unrivaled.