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Tanya’s lifelong passion is to improve the quality of human interaction and relationships. She is an intimacy coach, blogger, mother of five, and entrepreneur.  She created Revel to teach Intentional Relationship skills and help people simplify and strengthen all of their communication and relationships.

Drawing from her life experience, 10 years of advanced training in personal development and leadership methodologies, and education and participation in Seattle’s sex positive culture, she helps people identify and attain their true relationship wants and needs.

Revel offers small group workshops and one-on-one training that allows people to identify their fundamental relationship values.  Participants divine the answer to core questions, uncovering who they are meant to be.  Revel courses give people the insight and tools to begin Reveling in life and creating—or recreating—relationships with intention.

Participants learn to balance power with vulnerability, and rediscover Trust, Dignity, Confidence and Respect.  They master a consistent process of unveiling, revealing, inviting and sharing desires, passions, and interests, and dynamics with one another, unapologetically and with honor.  They gain the tools to restore Sacred Exchange in all their relationships: romantic, business, family, and community.  They find a new freedom to Revel, living their true purpose in life.

This is the Audacity of Ecstasy.

Tanya Brakeman