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Revel 101 – Unveiling the Power of Intimacy – Desire

Discover your core erotic values and see how to design your life from those values.  Erotic values are the innately original but seldom recognized qualities already guiding how you live life. Recognized and honored these vital and uniquely personal values are what give you the feeling of being valuable and whole. Dismissed and confused these same values become a source of personal frustration and disconnection.

Section 1

First, we discover the common source of most dissatisfaction and frustration in relationships.  Confusion and frustration as a result of ongoing violations of our own sense of worth toward ourselves.  When your sense of value and worth is whole you can connect authentically to your own truth about what desires move you and inspire you into authentic action and honest relationships.

You will discover the answers to these questions,

Are you clear enough about your central sense of values and worth to create a consensual relationship and agreements with yourself, before you expect consensual relationship agreements with others?

Am I interested, available and willing in alignment with my values?

You will learn to use these questions as a consent model for restoring your original sense of worth and true relationship to Desire.

Section 2

We discuss the four spheres of influence where our experiences occur:

  • Source: Our connection to life and love with a sense of acceptance and appreciation of life and all of it’s cycles.
  • Individual – Our connection to our self in confidence with a sense of joy and celebration in being alive and being worthwhile.
  • Relationship – Our connection to those in our close circles in peace and with an ability to establish relationships of trust.
  • Industry – Our connection to others in the larger world in abundance and with an ability to establish relationships of respect.

Investigating the frustrations of our connections to life/love, our selves, our family of origin, and our place in humanity, reveals the 4 erotic core values for each of these spheres of our life.

Section 3

We discuss that our experience is initiated by our expression, that we have to first give ourselves away authentically in order to experience ourselves authentically. No one outside of ourselves can do this for us.

Investigating the frustrations of our expressions in each of the 4 spheres of influence reveals the 4 erotic core virtues in each of these spheres of our lives.

Section 4
We assemble the 4 core values and 4 core virtues that are the central potent currency of your erotic economy so you can articulate and own the very core sense of value and self worth that has always been at the source of your love and your fury.

With that new guide, you can begin to assess what relationships are not yet fully connected or fully authentic and can make adjustments that are in line with your core erotic values and virtues.