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Revel 301 – Connecting Authentically and Contributing Powerfully – Discipline

Recognize your associative reactions that are conflicting with your true relationship to each of the baseline imperatives for authentic relating.

Begin practicing a new way of relating to yourself and connecting authentically with others by relating authentically from your core values informed principles. Manifest previously unavailable opportunities to exchange authentically in your relationships.

Section 1

Understand that who you are as a person, your unique influence, is displayed from the quality of the environment you are creating every day. That your influence is a direct product of how you relate to and nurture yourself. See, the environment of You is where you are relating from and is the environment from which you see everything that is happening around you.

If you are not true, in your assessment of you, your experience and expression are going to be out of alignment and your relationships will show it. 

Examine the depth of the effect of subjective vs objective languaging:

  • How we use language and create our experience


  • How correcting that language impacts our experience and allows for freedom in our actions

We learn to use a relationship investment consent models of Interested-Available-Willing + Aspire-Invest-Manifest to stay true in our personal Discipline.

Section 2

We become familiar with the 4 imperatives of connecting and relating in each sphere of influence and how each layer is the foundation of the next set of imperatives until we see how all 16 work together as our values based principles.

  • Source– sexuality – love – intimacy – power (as expressions creating our experience of Individual)
  • Individual– acceptance – joy – peace – abundance (as experiences creating our expressions in Relationship)
  • Relationship– dignity – confidence – trust – respect (as experiences creating our expressions in Industry)
  • Industry– indignation – vulnerability – support – authority (as expressions of our Life’s Promise back to Source)

Section 3

Through word association exercises and a restorative practice of reconnecting to your true senses of each of the 16 relationship imperatives, now known as your authentic connection principles and practices, you will create a new environment from which to experience your truest desires and express your truest drives as your new personal discipline.

Section 4

We become familiar with the most challenging insults we say we are afraid of hearing from others and realize it is an inauthentic way we stop ourselves from fully engaging with others. We are more critical of ourselves typically than others and yet we say we are afraid of  “their rejection, of hearing no, being mocked or embarrassed.” In fact, we are the cultivators of our own discomfort and create our own condition of feeling insulted or offended.

Investigating the insults of our exchanges with others allows us to discover what true connections we are wired to express most naturally and to restore the fulfilling authentic behaviors and dispositions that we have been denying ourselves and others of.

Using your values/virtues from 101 Desire plus your authentic power expression from 201 Drive we assemble the imperatives as a guide for how to create statements of truth about each of the 16 relationship imperatives in 301 Discipline and work your way into the 401 structure of Devotion.