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In this blog, the entries are real-life stories of the journeys Revel has walked me through. There was a time when I felt that my stories were the most boring and life draining part of my experience. I hated telling them, they were not helpful, they were depressing and frustrating. The joy I have in sharing the same stories now is that they are stories of a past that led me here, to you.

The life stories I used to think of as worthless and debilitating have become a rich palette of finely tuned failures. Those so-called failures became the path toward the promised future that wanted me voraciously and would not let me go. Sharing difficult times from my life and the movements through those times is my way to walk with others through theirs and that… is the It the makes It all worth It. From the untimely deaths of loved ones, learning from the shambles of my two marriages, completely forfeiting my shot at longterm financial security and even the threat of possibly losing one of my children could not possibly have been worth any of it until I realized my personal Worth It Promise for my life. When that unfurled from the shambles I knew for the first time it really could all be worth it.

My Worth It Promise is: Human beings experience themselves as a valuable part of the whole. They are free to connect authentically and to contribute powerfully in the world.

May our living and loving be an ecstatic dance in our ups and downs and sideways explorations through this perplexing and often vexing wander we call Life.